Raj Bhalla
Global Transformation Executive
Cell: 650-799-4308
Email: raj@raj-bhalla.com


Nortek Holdings, Inc

Raj was very effective at Nortek, driving tens of millions of dollars in savings across our private equity portfolio of 20+ companies. This was impressive considering the challenges of escalating commodity prices, decentralized business unit culture and increasing foreign competition. Raj developed and led implementation of an operating model tailored to work in our culture. He clearly understands sourcing best practices and institutionalized these to drive cross-portfolio and individual company value. When Raj joined, there was a gap in the company’s global sourcing capability in Nortek. Under his leadership two international purchasing offices were opened, and these were critical to meet cost targets.

Change management is clearly a strength for Raj. He actively partners with and influences functional and business leaders. Raj reported directly to me and worked directly with me and the executives of each business. He was able to establish value-based relationships that were critical to our success.

Raj really enjoys developing people and was able to build a team that delivered against stretch targets. While he takes ultimate accountability for realizing performance targets, he also empowers, coaches and develops his people.  Morale and loyalty are high among those who work for him.

Bryan Kelln, Former SVP and COO, Nortek Holdings, Inc
Relationship: Raj reported directly to Bryan while at Nortek

AT Kearney, Management Consultants

I have always been impressed by the impact Raj had, both on the bottom line and the people he worked with. We recruited Raj from our US headquarters to help us build a Strategic Sourcing Practice in the Asia Pacific region. He reported directly to me during my tenure as Managing Director of A.T. Kearney Australia.

Raj led many of our largest and most critical multinational accounts, including leading mining, telecommunications, airline and industrial companies. For these clients, Raj delivered value well in excess of 10 times their consulting investment. This performance resulted in triple digit growth of our strategic sourcing practice. Most of the new consultants we hired to meet the growing demands were trained and developed by Raj. Many of them have gone on to very senior roles within A.T. Kearney or industry.

Raj has very strong personal traits. He has demonstrated the leadership qualities necessary to build credibility with senior executives and operational staff. He has a consultative and collaborative style which is highly effective in gaining buy-in.  His work ethic, integrity and commitment to results has been a foundation of his success.    

In view of his professional accomplishments and personal characteristics, Raj is a change leader who can deliver dramatic results.

Paul Kerin, Former Managing Director, A.T. Kearney Australia, Pty Ltd
Relationship: Raj reported directly to Paul while at A.T. Kearney, Australia

Hitachi Global Storage Technologies (HGST)

Ranga Jayaraman, Former COI of HGST
Relationship: Raj reported directly to Ranga while at HGST
Reference available on request

For the past couple years, Raj has managed the global team at HGST using our eSourcing software. He has proven to have excellent leadership and decision making skills with diverse expertise that is so critical in the current supply chains that companies experience.”

David Bush, Chief Executive Officer / Owner - Founder, Iasta
Relationship: David was a service provider to Raj at HGST